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Ubuntu has seven tty,tty1-6 full-screen command lines and tty7 is a graphical interface. Normally, the system gives priority to starting the tty7 graphical interface by default.

Note whether there is a "Fn" key on the keyboard

Graphical interface:

ctrl + alt + f7


ctrl + Fn + alt + f7

Enter tty:

ctrl + alt + f1


ctrl + Fn + alt + f1

F1 ~ f7 is similar, Ctrl + Fn + Alt + F1~F7 The essence is to switch between 7 windows, and the last window 7 is the graphical interface.

Kill the tty process

After entering tty, query the pid number of tty7:

ps -t tty7
# 会得到tty7的pid号码<pid>

And then execute

sudo kill <pid>