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Basic knowledge of Web Front end 100 questions

  1. React life cycle
  2. Webpack principle
  3. Css clear float
  4. Css middle self-adaptive with left and right width
  5. Event agent
  6. Closure
  7. What are the inheritance methods and what are their advantages?
  8. Select sort, each sort complexity
  9. xss csrf
  10. Front-end performance optimization
  11. http cache mechanism twelve。 Personal strengths and weaknesses
  12. Css selector priority
  13. Html semantics
  14. What are there at the block level and within the line
  15. What are the characteristics of display values?
  16. What are the box sizing values
  17. How to determine the data type, instanceof
  18. Prevent bubbling, prevent default behavior
  19. Http header content
  20. Garbage collection mechanism
  21. Two page communication
  22. Introduction to less
  23. Prototype chains and prototypes
  24. Talk about rollup. twenty-six。 Bidirectional binding of vue data twenty-seven。 Redux and react redux twenty-eight。 Several http status codes twenty-nine。 Cross-domain mode thirty。 Several css pseudo-classes thirty-one。 Common layout of css thirty-two。 Pseudo array
  25. Mobile understanding thirty-four。 New features of html5 thirty-five。 Url to render a series of thirty-six。 Common picture formats thirty-seven。 New principle thirty-eight。 How to implement static variables thirty-nine。 Self-adaptation of left column with fixed width and right column forty。 Reverse linked list forty-one。 Various characteristics of css position forty-two。 Amd and cmd understand forty-three。 Implement an observer pattern forty-four。 Generator usage forty-five。 Es6 inheritance is different from es5 forty-six。 Macro tasks and micro tasks, you know? forty-seven。 Virtual dom principle forty-eight。 How to realize two-way binding forty-nine。 How to realize css Animation fifty。 What does the connect function of react redux do and how does it send store? fifty-one。 How to judge an empty object fifty-two。 Common methods of Object fifty-three。 Websocket principle fifty-four。 Tcp shook hands three times and waved four times. fifty-five。 React state update mechanism fifty-six。 React fiber mechanism fifty-seven。 Pure css switch button
  26. Native Ajax fifty-nine。 The most proud github project
  27. restful interface sixty-one。 Controlled and uncontrolled components sixty-two。 Css rotation triangle sixty-three。 Js regularized judgment of mobile phone number sixty-four。 What kind of architecture is react? sixty-five。 Flex attributes are all said below. sixty-six。 The relationship between prototype chain object constructors
  28. dom2 dom3 standard sixty-eight。 Several ways to bind dom events sixty-nine。 The technology stack used in the project, encountered a headache, how to solve the difference between https and http
  29. How to configure webpack multi-entry, how to split seventy-one。 Have you ever practiced loading on demand? seventy-two。 Negotiate caching and force caching seventy-three。 The difference between target and currentTarget in dom events seventy-four。 The understanding of react context seventy-five。 Margin overlap seventy-six。 Passive event seventy-seven。 Floating principle seventy-eight。 Js basic types and complex types
  30. Close this in iife eighty。 Number of parallel downloads by browsers eighty-one。 Asynchronous loading of picture resources eighty-two。 Advantages and disadvantages of jwt eighty-three。 What did redux solve? eighty-four。 Callback function promise async difference eighty-five。 Life cycle after setState eighty-six。 How to guard against xss, complete a csrf attack step eighty-seven。 Round head portrait of css3 eighty-eight。 Seo
  31. ifc and bfc ninety。 Wings and the Holy Grail ninety-one。 There are more than 4 horizontal and vertical centers and what are the restrictions? ninety-two。 Web worker and websocket u ninety-three。 H5 newly added semantic tags ninety-four。 Css priority and weight ninety-five。 Css implementation responsiveness
  32. What is the difference between addEventListener and onclick? ninety-seven。 Talk about a few es6 features
  33. Difference between new and Object.create ninety-nine。 BOM and DOM basic methods such as url port origin protocol
  34. Front-end routing principle one hundred and one。 Can the backend receive the hash? one hundred and two。 How to trigger reflow and how to avoid redrawing one hundred and three。 How to realize call bind apply one hundred and four。 How to realize inheritance one hundred and five。 The difference between get and post
  35. Dark copy, serialization one hundred and seven。 Implement promise one hundred and eight。 Shortcomings of closure characteristics and usage one hundred and nine。 Let const var declares what promotion is one hundred and ten。 Generator iterator one hundred and eleven。 Symbol understanding one hundred and twelve。 Set data structure one hundred and thirteen。 Deconstruction one hundred and fourteen。 What's the difference between commonjs and es6 modules? one hundred and fifteen。 Dynamic routing one hundred and sixteen。 Js concurrency model one hundred and seventeen。 What are the iterator and iteratable of js, and what are the built-in iterator
  36. Does CSS block DOM tree rendering and parsing? one hundred and nineteen。 Autocomplete input box implementation one hundred and twenty。 What are the common interfaces of restful and what are their characteristics? one hundred and twenty one。 Browser back repeat post how to solve the problem one hundred and twenty two。 The difference between raf and ric one hundred and twenty three。 Semantic understanding of html
  37. HTML5 was preceded by semantic tags one hundred and twenty five。 Applicable scenarios for three kinds of ul ol dl list tags one hundred and twenty six。 The difference and Application scenario of cookie localStorage sessionStorage one hundred and twenty seven。 Jwt understanding
  38. multipart upload one hundred and twenty nine。 What is the difference between fetch and ajax one hundred and thirty。 What does the browser cache at the front end of a page? one hundred and thirty one。 There are several kinds of quick sort one hundred and thirty two。 New event flow and old event flow one hundred and thirty three。 Css will-change action one hundred and thirty four。 Which layer protocol is dns? one hundred and thirty five。 Does webassembly know? one hundred and thirty six。 What else can options do but return 200 responses? one hundred and thirty seven。 How to judge the intersection of two rectangles