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BindActionCreators source code reading

lot of non-core code has been removed. A little reconstruction. Keep the core logic clear.

function bindActionCreator(actionCreator, dispatch) {
  return (...args) => dispatch(actionCreator(args))

export default function bindActionCreators(actionCreators, dispatch) {
  if (typeof actionCreators === 'function') {
    return bindActionCreator(actionCreators, dispatch)

  return Object.keys(actionCreators).reduce((boundActionCreators, key) => {
    boundActionCreators[key] = bindActionCreator(actionCreator, dispatch)
    return boundActionCreators
  }, {})

It doesn't seem to tell what it wants to do at a glance. Here is a good Demo.

const TodoActionCreators = {
  addTodo: text => ({type: 'ADD_TODO', text}),
  removeTodo: text => ({type: 'REMOVE_TODO', text})
} as const

boundActionCreators = bindActionCreators(TodoActionCreators, store.dispatch)

bindActionCreators iterates over each actionCreator in TodoActionCreators, encapsulating them in a layer. BindActionCreator returned a new actionCreator and accepted the parameter automatic dispatch.