Saber2pr's Blog


This blog was born in 2019.7.7.



Before that, I used jq+bootstrap+requirejs to build a simple blog, which was mainly used to introduce my hobbies. Repo is the current saber2pr/MyWeb, but the page code has been deleted and is now only stored as an image resource and the demo of each project after build.


Vue-tabpage Use vue/cli to write a simple blog, mainly used to show online demo. Pure vue, no libraries involving vue ecology, such as vuex, etc. (but it's easy to learn.)

The component:is label switching subassembly is used to implement route switching.



Vue-tabpage was rewritten using create-react-app. Use the render children switchover sub-component to achieve route switching. React ecology is not involved, such as redux and so on. (but it's easy to learn.)

2019.3-2019.4 Referring to the UI style of react's official website, use the react technology stack to build a blog from 0. Or create-react-app.

Use Typescript and Less coding, and use your own router library. React ecology is still not involved, such as redux and so on. (but it's easy to learn.)

2019.7.7-so far Large area reconstruction is carried out on the basis of Remove the create-react-app framework and configure webpack on demand starting at 0.

Domain name DNS resolution and HTTPS encryption

In September, I bought domain name in Alibaba Cloud, configured DNS resolution, and used my own domain name to access the website. The website was upgraded from to Let's Encrypt Authority X3 encryption is applied for on Github. Upgrade the website from to