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  1. Cut down trees, make wooden houses, wooden sets

the way to the desert, pay attention to the world tree and look for the treasure chest below two。 Cut the cactus and make a cactus cover. to the bottom of the sea and boil a water box

  1. Explore the mine, collect bombs and accessories, and make hooks and claws.
  2. Remove the rot / blood, fry the dark beads / heart 2, get the equipment avity potion goes to empty island to find star swords, balloons, horseshoes, etc.
  3. The meteorite falls to the ground, makes the iron cover, and the weapon only makes the space gun there are too many bombs, blow them up
  4. Build a platform, hit the eye, blood brain / Shitong, make a new pick
  5. Go to the dungeon guard, get the shadow key and the demon knife.
  6. Go to the jungle, hit the queen, get the bee grenade (at least 55)
  7. Go to hell, make lava covers, lava picks, giant swords, imp staff
  8. Build a platform, hit the meat wall with bee grenades and lava bows. e must get the hammer.

Meat mountain queen

  1. Knock on the altar with a divine hammer (knock down at least 3, knock as many as you can) twelve。 Dig new mines underground and make new sets and drills.
  2. Go to the snow ground, ice fish people brush ice yo-yo, ice sword, ice sickle
  3. Go to the sacred ground and brush to the unicorn.
  4. Build a platform on the top of the world tree, sit on a unicorn to brush the flying soul to make wings
  5. Play the new three kings
  6. The flower of the century
  7. Solar eclipse event