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  1. What is the nature of jsx (or what is jsx compiled)
  2. Where does the state returned by the useState execution come from, and how to maintain the previous value when rerender a new jsx tree, while using multiple useState why it is not overwritten by the subsequent useState (or why Hook API cannot be used in the if block)
  3. How to update the rendering path and logic within react after setState from the current component (or how to achieve breakpoint recovery), and why Hook API must be used at the top level.
  4. When was ref assigned?
  5. When will the functions in useEffect be executed? When do you need to isolate side effects? What are side effects?
  6. How do I update the defaultValue of an input component?
  7. What is done inside the components that use useSelector?
  8. What are the differences and principles between HashRouter and BrowserRouter? What does StaticRouter do?


  1. What is axios's transformResponse for?


  1. How does TS remove an attribute from a type? How do I weed out attributes that are not Function types in this type?
  2. TS private principle?

Server rendering

  1. How to understand isomorphic rendering?
  2. How is React server rendering implemented?
  3. Next.js server rendering principle?
  4. How to deal with dom operation in server rendering?
  5. What is the content of the website included in seo?

WeChat Mini Program

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mini Program implemented by webview? How is it different from native Mini Program except for the code? two。 Please tell me the Mini Program login process, the official account H5 login process, and the h5 login process within webview?
  2. How to call WeChat Pay in h5 in webview?
  3. How do webview's Mini programs realize the function of sharing pages?