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My Q2 plan

Technology 50%

  1. Web IDE: supports Ant Design and external demo access (input code to display demo via url parameter). two。 Blog: the code block supports demo links (click on Web IDE Preview)
  2. Github:follow boss + 10 heroine star project + 10. Read the github pages blogs of 10 big shots. Look at the issue or pr of 10 react, antd, nextjs. Learn the github workflow mechanism.

ACG 40%

  1. Animation: watch anime movies + 1, chase Xinpan + 1 two。 Games: follow fgo dynamics, follow alicegearalice trends, find a game you want to buy on steam
  2. Music: NetEase Yun acg playlist + 5, dynamic sharing + 5

e entertainment part is casual. It only serves as a direction reference. If there are too many restrictions, there will be no fun.

Social 10%

n means quantity secrecy qwq

  1. Contact 4 classmates, hometown, junior high school, senior high school and college. two。 Contact n colleagues, former company colleagues

3. Take the initiative to call home and contact n elders

want to do

  1. Low coding of Web IDE: added visual tab, which can be dragged and dragged, using antd component library. two。 Micro-front-end blog: part of the page to detach the main project, using the routing configuration table access (code segmentation). (use webide to generate pages, introduce them through iframe, and optimize the use of jsdelivr)